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Our talented CTOs help you bridge the gab between Business and Technology. LaunchFast will analyze your product idea, then implement the right technology strategy to help you launch a scalable, efficient and modular product.

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Our Services

We make sure your product is built to be modular, efficient and reliable

Translating Business to Product

LaunchFast sits with you to identify the key feature ideas that define your value proposition. We then translate it to a Product and Technical Documentation to help guide developers and UI/UX designers.

Scoping Out Timeline & Costs

We estimate costs, resources and timeline according to your budget and urgency.

Choosing the Right Technology

Our CTOs help you choose the right technologies suited for your project; we're experienced with stacks like React, Swift, NodeJS, AWS, and believe in using the right tools for the right job.

Overseeing Development & QA

We actively engage and mentor the Developement team to make sure your product is built to be modular, efficient and reliable. We also ensure features have been properly tested for every scenario and scale.

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